Star Hostel supports local talents and businesses.
At Star Hostel, you can start from hand brewed coffee in the morning to home made dessert in the afternoon,
and end your night with a nice locally grown draft beer.
Each shop comes with their own story to share.

Check out their information and their opening time down below.

Coffee lovers...


The owner's thought is simple — to share great coffee with everyone. This thought then leads to the start of Eaves Coffee. He shares his love of coffee with travelers around the world.

Opening time:
Random Saturdays (please check fan page)

Location: Star Hostel Lounge & Lobby

Eaves Coffee

beer FANS!


Every Alechemist beer starts at the farm, and brewed locally. With thorough knowledge of each ingredient, we brew our beers in a way that best our beers in a way that best feature the flavor of our Taiwanese agricultural produce. Crafting a truly local beer that is unlike any other.

Opening time:
Everyday 9PM - 12AM

Location: Star Hostel Cafe




Kayla's famous mouth watering matcha pudding is to die for. With a passion for dessert, Kayla became a well known patissier on social media and among our guests. However, you will need to pre-order in advanced. If you like to pre-order desserts, please message her fan page directly.

Opening time:
Check Fan page

Location: Star Hostel Lounge

Sweet Bites Lab


Show the room key to the local shops as below and you will get SPECIAL OFFERS


Fu-Yuan Pork

Pepper Bun

‘Crispy pastry pockets filled with juicy pork that's infused with the aromatic bite of black pepper baked in coal-fired brick oven.’

No.42 Huayin Street

*Free delivery to Star Hostel


Pangpang Stinky Tofu

‘Stinky tofu is a very unique and popular street food in Taiwan, which has a highly strong smell. However, it’s an experience that every tourist must try at least once.‘

No.143 Huayin Street

*$10 discount for stinky tofu / $5 discount for cold noodles


Handmade Pork Pie / Chive Pockets

‘Pork pie is a hand-held pie, the crispy dough paired with juicy pork filling. Chive pocket filled with chopped Chinese chive, scrambled eggs and mung bean noodles.‘

No.119 Huayin Street

*free soybean milk if you spend more than $100


Traditional Shaved Ice and Vegan Vermicelli

‘Try the very local vermicelli and a bowl of traditional shaved ice in the hot weather!’

No.149 Huayin Street

*10% off if you spend more than $150


Scallions Pancake

‘Scallion pancake have an excellent texture with both crispy and soft taste. You can ask adding basil to have more flavorful.’

Huayin Street Taiyuan Road intersection

*$5 discount for each scallion pancake


MuMu Hot Pot

‘Various dishes you can choose between, make yourself a delicious hot pot.’

No.45-1 Chang’an West Road

*5% off


Daily Pleasure Cafe

’Superb coffee, tucked away within the local market, a real local neighbourhood small cafe style.‘

No.13, Lane 220, Chang’an West Road

*10% off for daily, single, origin coffee. *10% off for 5 drip bag coffee


Single & Double Eyelid
Brunch Restaurant

’Cozy place that you can enjoy brunch.‘

No.19 Huayin Street

*10% off


19 Wood Alley Cafe

‘Great cafe with delicious scones.‘

No.19, Lane 11, Taiyuan Road

*$10 discount for all drinks


Cai Yan Tang

’Kinds of Taiwanese traditional noodles and soup. They also sell some side dished.‘

No.143 Huayin Street

*Free spicy cold shredded / dried tofu if you order noodles or rice


Vietnamese Cuisine

‘The Vietnamese lady homemade really good pho and spring rolls.‘

No. 131 Huayin Street

*10% off


Taiwan Local Restaurant

‘It provides various Chinese cuisine including fried rice and all kinds of noodles with a cheap price.‘

No.145 Huayin Street

*5% off if you spend more than $100


Jin-Chuang Handmade Bento

‘Fresh Taiwanese Bento and soup.‘

No.3, Lane 48, Taiyuan Road

*Order bento with soup get $5 discount


U17 Meet with Tea

‘Beverage shop with sandwich and bagel‘

No.81 Huayin Street

*10% off for the drinks

Oldies Burger2.jpg

Oldies Burger

‘American / Mexican food. Burger, fries, taco.‘

No.57 Huayin Street

*Free taiwan beer or A&W root beer if you order Oldies burger


Chun Xia Fruits Vinegar

‘Hand-made fruits vinegar and tea.’

No. 181 Huayin Street

*$5 discount if the drinks over $40. Dried food $50 discount


Mentor Hair Salon - Chang'an Branch

2F, No.151 Chang’an West Road

*Hair wash + Head Massage $699
( with essential oil is additional $100 )
*10% off on hair wash, cut, perm or treatment


Ho Chi Tea Shop

‘Established in 1898. Sells different kinds of tea and tea pots as well.‘

No.99 Chang’an West Road

*10% off all teas & gifts