Star Hostel supports local talents and businesses.

At Star Hostel, you can start from hand brewed coffee in the morning to home made dessert in the afternoon, and end your night with a nice locally grown draft beer. Each shop comes with their own story to share. Check out their information and their opening time down below.

Coffee lovers...



The owner had a chance to learn about coffee at work at one time, and that's when he fell in love with coffee. His thought is simple — to share great coffee with everyone. This thought then leads to the start of Eaves Coffee. His pop-up shop at Star Hostel allows him to share his love of coffee with travelers around the world. He is also a traveler himself, when he travels to Japan he would bring back great coffee beans to share with his customers. 

Opening time:
Almost every Saturday morning - afternoon (please check fan page)

Star Hostel Lounge & Lobby

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beer FANS!



Every Alechemist beer start at the farms, where we work with farmers to grow local varieties of barley, wheat and corn. with thorough knowledge of each ingredient, we brew our beers in a way that best our beers in a way that best feature the flavor of our Taiwanese agricultural produce. Crafting a truly local beer that is unlike any other. They offer draft beer and bottled beer.

Opening time:
Mon-Sun  9PM - 12AM

Star Hostel Cafe

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Kayla's famous mouth watering matcha pudding is to die for. Fans come to Star Hostel just for her desserts. With a passion for dessert, Kayla became a well known patissier on social media, and among our guests. However, you will need to pre-order your matcha pudding. The menu changes through out the year, so make sure you follow her fan page for the pop-up shop's date and time. If you like to pre-order desserts, please message her fan page directly. 

Opening time:
Announced on fan page

Star Hostel Lounge


If you're interested in opening a pop-up shop at Star Hostel Taipei Main Station.
Contact us at info@starhostel.com.tw


Single & Double eyelid
Brunch Restaurant

10% discount
Address:Google Map

Mentor Hair Salon - Chang'an Branch

・Hair wash + Head Massage $699
( with essential oil is additional $100)
・10% off on hair wash、cut、perm、or treatment
Address:Google Map

Ho Chi Tea Shop

10% off all teas & gifts
Address:Google Map