Events in Taipei


Fulong International Sand Sculpture Art Festival


Hello Summer! Check out the must-see Fulong International Sand Sculpture Art Festival! And enjoy various water sports and activities at the beach!

東北角鹽寮至福隆一帶,綿延三公里長的黃金沙灘 福隆海水浴場也可戲水、帆船、獨木舟等水上運動 不僅能欣賞令人驚嘆的沙雕創作藝術,同時能體驗多項水上遊憩活動。

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Places to go in Taipei


Huashan 1914 Creative Park 華山1914 文化創意產業園區

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Founded in 1914, it was formerly known as the "Taipei Winery". It combines the old factory area with the park area, and the old buildings are refurbished. In the park, there are a variety of cultural and creative small shops, artsy Wumei Theatre, and occasional art exhibitions. Huashan 1914 is a great place to wander around, drink some beer, chill out in a quiet area right in the middle of town.

建立於西元1914年,前身為「台北酒廠」,同時結合了舊廠區及公園區,舊建築物翻新、裝置藝術。園區內,有五花八門的文創小店、藝術烏梅劇院、不定期的藝文展演活動。 在華山1914,愜意的閒逛、與朋友喝點啤酒, 享受繁忙都會區裡難得的慢活步調…



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You have heard of Jiufen Old Street, but have you heard of the Teapot Mountain? It takes about 90 minutes by bus from Taipei City. You don't need professional hiking equipment or really good hiking skills for it but you can catch amazing views of the landscape. If you like nature and hiking, you have to go check it out! 


Elephant Mountain Trail 象山步道

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It is the best place to see the city, especially Taipei 101. It is a short but tough hike up stairs to the viewing platform. Expect a crowd with their cameras out! It is especially beautiful during sunset. If you’re in Taipei and you don’t mind a little hike, you have to go!




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This area was the centre of city in late 1880s. You can see historical buildings, traditional folklore center, tea houses, fabric stores, Chinese pharmacy and local eateries alike are rich in history. In short, Dadaocheng is definitely the place to visit if you want to experience the traditional lifestyle of Taipei!


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Ninxia night market 寧夏夜市

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Ningxia night market is one of the best night markets in town. It has hundreds of delicious snacks and traditional dishes. Our staff has selected and tasted some of the best dishes for you to try it out yourself. Don't miss it!

寧夏夜市是台北最值得造訪的夜市之一! 各式各樣好吃的點心及傳統台灣小吃讓您無法抉擇。我們為您精選了幾樣最經典的小吃! 快點去嚐嚐!