Be a green traveler!

1. Bring your own water bottle : we have many water machines stationed all over Star hostel.
2. Borrow our Zero waste bottle: you can use for your day trip and get discounts at shops as well! 
3. Bring your own towel.
4. Recycle properly at the hostel
5. Hang your towel dry, instead of changing new ones everyday
6. Rainy day? no problem, borrow our umbrellas! Don’t buy new ones
7. Take short showers
8. If you have unwanted clothes, we have a clothing recycle down stairs, don’t throw it away!
9. Don’t waste your food! Food waste in one of the top pollutions
10. We have shopping bags you can borrow!
11. Bring your own tooth brush and tooth paste
12. Please keep your paper boxes! We recycle them